About me

Ever since the start of 2020, I've had the opportunity to work for large networks, create plugins and host my own servers. I have learnt a lot since, and I am available for any enquiries.

Plugin Developer & Administrator


09/01/2022 — Now
RoseSMP Network
I founded and own this Minecraft server, this server has grown quickly as it is an extension of Rosecord.

Current Status: Owner

21/04/2021 — 29/05/2021
BumbleCraft Moderator
During this time I was a moderator for BumbleCraft network, which averaged around 300 players.

Current Status: Resigned

11/12/2021 — Now
Rosecord Administrator
This is a discord server which I've writtennmany programs for before, more information in a future post.

Current Status: Active

13/03/2022 — Now
Project Legacy Owner
Project Legacy is a Minecraft server with the intent to bring back Legacy Edition Minigames, such as Battle, Glide and Tumble.

Current Status: On hold?

12/12/2021 — Now
Rosebot Maintainer
Rosebot is a large discord bot used in one discord server: Rosecord. The bot has been used over 50,000 times and has served reaction roles for thousands of different people.

Current Status: Online


These reviews are sourced from my fiverr account and on discord.

Was losing my mind over getting this work as google didnt give any clear answers. But the seller was able to get it worked pretty fast.

Fizzdev's services exceeded my expectations, including exceptional customer service. He successfully updated and customized my Minecraft server permissions and was available when I requested changes and fixes at a later date. I cannot thank him enough!


I have worked with lots of different server software, plugins and more. Here's a list of my experience.




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